Georgia's films - the unknown continent

Compact retrospective of Kote Mikaberidze's films, and a book presentation »Kote Mikaberidze«

2019 | 24. + 25. November | afterwards 7 pm

Municipal cinema »Metropolis«
Kleine Theaterstraße 10,
20354 Hamburg

Author – Soso Dumbadze (Cologne)
Moderator – Thomas Tode (Hamburg)

Organized by cinefest 2019, 16th International Festival of German Film-Heritage Hamburg and cinema »Metropolis«, Hamburg

a compact retrospective of the films of Kote Mikaberidze (the film My Grandmother and short films You must Reap as You Have Sown (Agrominimum), Kajeti and The Outpost) and the presentation of the English-language book Kote Mikaberidze, published by Sa.Ga., took place at the 16th International Festival of German Film Heritage, Hamburg (Cinefest-2019).